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Hands up if you’re looking for the ability to host your own outdoor wedding or event in a location of your choosing? Raise em’ up if you’re searching for a blank canvas  to sprinkle in your own style and personalisation? Up one more time if you refuse to settle for anything less than flexibility and creativity – the option to be completely in control, and have an enjoyable wedding planning experience?


Well, you’ve come to the right place!


Tipi hire is the ultimate marquee wedding craze – if we don’t say so ourselves! Our variety of beautiful nordic tipi tents offer an awesome range of wedding spaces, and with different wedding tipis to choose from, we’re confident there’s something for everyone, no matter the budget or vision.

Tipi hire for weddings: Wedding photo with Tipi
Tipi event hire


We know the importance of making your tipi party a success, and our genuine passion and enthusiasm for everything tipi, motivates us to deliver something magical. Be it a party, festival or corporate event, every celebration is top priority to our experienced team.


Creating lasting impressions and amazing memories is what we’re all about!


Are you the type of person who loves to make a statement, and takes pride in hosting the biggest and boldest of party's? Or are you someone who’d prefer a more low-key affair? However you choose to celebrate, and whatever the occasion, we promise to provide a truly original tipi party!

Tipi party hire